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Making Music

The brains behind Absolute Playlist

Music has always been a huge passion for me..  It's everywhere, it's stuck in your head, it can take you on a journey and can change the way you feel.

After graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism and then a Masters in Broadcasting in 2001 I started working as a TV Journalist and Producer for ITV Channel, looking after entertainment and music coverage.  Producing and presenting festival programmes for ITV2.  I then moved into the world of current affairs & News staying at ITV for 16 years.

Throughout my time at ITV I also worked as a DJ holding the residency to one of the busiest nightclubs in Jersey. Alongside working in music I loved to study the effects it has on people and how it has such a huge powerful influence over all of us.

In 2018 I left ITV moved into Marketing and haven't looked back. I set up my own successful DJ company specialising in corporate events & weddings. I now have a small team who help me co-ordinate bookings and run my company. 

So why launch Absolute Playlist?

Over the last year I have not only been booked to DJ events but also to produce and compile countless bespoke playlists for events and corporate conferences, weddings to awards shows.  This side of the DJ Mel business has now grown massively and we believe it deserves it's own bespoke website and it's own name, so welcome to Absolute Playlist! 

About Absolute Playlist

Absolute Playlist is here to help you hit the right note.


Weddings - We personalise the music you want to use;  Making sure the music is cut to the right lyrics as you walk down the aisle,  creating a mix that flows for your registry signing too your background music during your wedding breakfast.


Events - We provide the right sound for your event from your arrival music to background during a meal to walk up music for speakers or awards.  We personally theme everything.


Stores & Businesses - We make sure you are playing the right music at the right time to increase spend, we can either make the playlists or consult on your sound.


In a Eatery & Public House - What is played on a quiet Tuesday should be very different to a Wednesday evening while people are eating or to after work on a weekend. We can create playlists for all scenario.


Let us take the pressure off you when it comes to your music needs. Click on our services to find out more. We can consult or provide physical playlists which can connect to your sound system.

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