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We make sure you are playing the right music at the right time to increase spend, we can either make the playlists or consult on your sound.  What is played on a quiet Tuesday should be very different to a Wednesday evening or to a weekend. We can create playlists for all scenario.

In today's world, the sound of a venue, shop or event matters just as much as it looks.

Music is no longer just a background noise. It is just as important as the venue or business itself.

Music induces influence, makes people feel more confident and brings on the elusive “I want to spend more money” behaviour.

Let us take the pressure off you when it comes to your music needs. We can build playlists that can make a difference.

Networking Event

We provide the right sound for your event from your arrival music to background during a meal to walk up music for speakers or awards. 

We personally theme everything.

Wedding Aisle

We personalise the music you want to use;  Making sure the music is cut to the right lyrics as you walk down the aisle,  creating a mix that flows for your registry signing to your background music during your wedding breakfast.

Create Confidence
"If you want people to leave your event feeling energised and more confident – and associate that memory with event brand – then playing more upbeat songs could really make a difference."
Target with Sound

"You need to think about the demographic you are targeting. Make sure the music you choose is congruent with both your target group and your brand."
Speed Counts

"The speed of music can effect the speed people eat which means customers spend more money on drinks while out for a meal ”
State of Mind

"Music can also affect your mood by entraining the brain to more relaxed states, where we become more focused and attentive"
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